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Steve on the blog.
What can I say chaps, best team and best car!Yeeeee Haaarrr!!!! Honer and a privelege to spend the rally with you all. Very cordial it was too, not a single huff from anyone! Had a right good time so I did. Best time Ive had for years in fact, looking forward to the next one.
See ye's after. Still too jaded to write much

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Well Done - from the L'Aime Ducks

Great stuff you boys!!
From the looks of you in Nice at 9am Monday, you wrung every last drop from this rally. Didn't envy you your drive home in that state!
We made it back yesterday a few days early because the weather was so ****.
2090 miles in Doris - not to be repeated! but by god she did it.
our blog on
Great to meet you, Jerry & Mickey (&Doris) the L'Aime Ducks

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