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Just when you thought it was safe to return to the roads and byways of Europe.....Calling all crumballers, calling all Crumballers, come in please, over?

Ginger Duke has announced his retirement for this year, still recovering from last year. Big ginger jessy!!
Garybaldi has steped up to fill his seat, he's a mechanic. Cant go wrong with an extra grubby on board. He's not a great big fat thing like Darren, so we will have a wee bit more room! (only kidding ginger!)
You other Dukes need to suck it in and sign up forthwith, times a ticking boyo's!!

Its a hop over to Spain (Pollongia or somfink)for the bull run by the way. First of July to when ever we can manage. Lets get wur heads together asap.


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