LOST - season one
Well here we are thinkin we ten minutes to our next town and the tom tom re routes us and throws on another two hour hundred mile journey.darren and the tech not mixin it today.

Our live tracker also a sad tale, needless to say it is not a runner. Sorry to all the guys at clippens. It thursday and we heading to colmar. Tommorrow sees us heading through the middle of switzerland,to italy.

The General gets going
After a night sampling the bars of Boulogne were up fresh and ready to hit the road, we set off at 9am sharp and are heading for Reims then on to Colmar the squeek from the General is gone and Steve is at the helm.

Doverloaded - or not!
With a full loaded crumb, were on the way to Dover when a txt comes in saying the ferry has been cancelled, a quick cheap ferry ticket office visit later, were on the earlier ferry with a worrying squeek from the car

Adios Amigos
Let the party start. It was 5am when we all got up and at 5.31am sharp, the Stevy boy will arrive with a warmed up Crumb ready for the journey ahead.
We will let yopu know how to follow on the tracker when we find out, but meantime we will update the blog on all trails and tribulations.

Short and Sweet. Let the first mile begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Generals.

£3000.50 Target reached boys!!

Gar, tis Steve on the blog. We have reached the dizzy hights of our charity target, and just befour we set off!! Well done everybody!  Although its come to my attention that my sisters man, Ger, has yet to donate. Consider yourself named and shamed, Chop chop!

I have been a busy bee setting up the car for the off.  Spent a great deal of yesterday scrubbing the interior with commercial cleaner, Shes like a new shiney pin!!  And Ive not used any silicone polishes, northing worse than a slippy interior. Hooverd all round. Gave her a body a good waxing, bling. Cahnged the engine oil/filter. Topped up the levels. Set the tyre pressures for fully loaded car. New magic tree installed. Headlight converters fitted. Small fire extinquisher in the boot.

 The spare wheel well is stocked with goodies, which I will now recant in no particular order for your entertainment :   Wee tyre inflator, tyre weld, tyre schreadder valves, two dayglow bibs, tow rope, spare water pipes, fan belt, alt.belt, distributer cap+rotor arm, fuses, relays, electrical brush packs, electrical conectors mixed,engine sensors, vacume piping, 82 degree thermostat (current one is a 90 degree), self emalgimating tape, abrasives (emery, wet&dry ect), assorted wire, mixed nuts bolts washers, machine screws, screws, rags, thread tape, cable ties, hank of nylon rope, gasket paper, o-rings, copper and doubty washers, fuel can, jump leads,  side repeater lens, in line vacume/ fuel connectors, wee can of wd40, liquid gasket, glues, 3 litre iron brew bottle of eng. oil, body caulking, 7 different callibers of metal pipe 10 inches long all fitted inside each other so we can sleeve any pipes which rupture, complete set of bulbs, pair of overalls and a some disposable gloves. Sounds like alot, but with the exception of the fuel can the whole lot is out of site in the spare wheel well. The compulsery  warning triangle is cable tied to the boot lid. (the spare water pies are cunningly stuffed into the bootlid recesses as well). First aid kit is on the left dooket of the boot space, where it will hopfully remain untouched. I stuck some eye cleaning stuff in there as well. Fire ext. is in the right boot space dooket.

Ive assembled a tool kit into a small box and roped it fast against the back seat floor hinge, so it wont shufty about on the road. I gave the box a good steam clean so it wont dirty up our bags. Any luck we wont  have cause to pull out the tools. I wont recant the contents of the tool kit, but I assure you that there is all we need and nothing we dont in there.

Assemble your kit dukes, mind and bring driving licences, the paper part and the card. Passports, european health card if you have one. Sense of hummer essential I suspect, bring some!

And now, the gallery........
 The front, with headlight converters fitted.

T Minus four days
Calling All Dukes, Calling all Dukes, your Crumb needs you. So here we are with only 4 or so days to go. The question really is were did all that time go to. It seems only a short spit of time when the Grubby Finger and his better half Gwenne headed over to our wee hoose to be brainwashed into this daft scheme.And who could have guessed how Steve would grab this idea by the balls and get us to were we are today.... My it seems such a time since we had to steer the ladies away from joining up with us in Monaco, and head for Gigha instead. And wot a journey it has been, and we made it, so the small detail of a 3000 mile drive should be childs play. Oh that reminds me, we nearly through the £3000 barrier for the fine kids at The Clippens.
Message to the guys at the school..... all good with our tracking when we head off on Wednesday. If it fails we will post regularly to let you all know were we are. We have Curtis " Sherlock " and his blackberry as back up. So a big call to Isobel, Jill and all the guys at Clippens, I think this silly gig has gone rather well to date. Jill, we still need our Daisy...................................do you know anyone..............Tee Hee

The next question before we are off. Were are Driver Sherlock, and Driver Uncle Jessie. Lets have a bit of pre rally input boys, and Curtis, this is your chance to explain the real way out dress choice of Sherlock Holmes......................................wow!!! This gonna clash with the boys and there obvious choice of car gear........SO PLEASE EXPLAIN TO THE BOYS

Thanks to everyone who has helped us to date, and lets see if we can get through the £3K mark. Remember this all goes to the Beanfeast charity for the school, as we are funding the whole rally ourselves.

Thanks, Richard


11th hour

Its the dulcet tones of stevey here, greatings one and all. Here we are at the 11th  hour with one or two little problems to spice up the proceedings. Darren (driver 4/uncle jessie) is currently stuck in northern germany becouse of the deadly volcano plume. Although he has managed to book flights this afternoon to bring him back to blighty on friday I think.
This time next week we should be on the ferry, all going well. On the ferry with sherlock holmes that is. Yes, for reasons known best to himself Kurtis is coming along as Sherlock holmes. And why not indeed? As long as another volcano doesnt go off darren will be coming along as uncle Jessie. Ill still be Luke Macduke  and any luck Richard will be Bo Macduke.
The general Crum is waiting down in the workshop. Pretty much done bar an oil change and a clean up. The latest add on comes in the form of a splendid orange sun strip which sports "dukes of scotland" Check it out :


There you have it. All that remains now is to sort out our kit and assemble a tool kit ect.  See ye's after.  

Stop and GO, Yee Harrr

Hey Steve, I on it at last.
Yes as was the previous comment, we had a car raring to go, and a set of boys ready to go, but on a route inspection by the grubby finger, it was noted that the Alpine passes we are hopefully going to be driving through are High( the clue is in the name I suppose), and have no crash bariers, so we need to be able to STOP!!! And so it was that steve fixed the brakes. For all you techy engineer folks let me explain in great detail exactly what was wrong with them..............................They were gubbed!! So Steve touched upon them with the usual magic and indeed we now have 4 brakes instead of 2. That is a good thing!
This of course meant I had to do something to contribute, and so it was a paint brush and a tin of paint was presented to me, and I set to, and painted the wheels.
Even after this, goodwill was still needed to be offered up to the big chap, so Driver number 5 was born, and what a beaut!!!
I feel on the trip this mascot may well be more useful than some of the Dukes after a night out on the Continental beer. Watch this space, as regular updates will be maintained by the Youth, Curtis ( At the last meeting he was considering a gingerbread man outfit)..............settle Steve, I got it sorted by mentioning we had a good sized boot in the car!!! So 2 things to go

1. www.justgiving.com/dukesofscotland 


2. Pictures

mascot installed

 Steve on the blog, its been a grand evening down the workshop. The main issues left on the car was poor brakes and a non existant hand brake. A strip down of both sides revealed that they were both totally seized up, both on the sliders and the pads themselves on the carriers. Im very happy to say they are now good as new and stopping the car quite the thing. The hand brake is also now able to do its job! The annoying steering pull is now away also. More fuel savings!
Richard painted the wheels with some black hammerite, so everything is now more or lesss ship shape and bristol fasion.
Finaly, our mascot troll has been fitted between the front seats on a wee spikey thing, so we can take him out for photo shoots on the way. He has a hair do which can if need be rubbed for luck. 
Oh aye, the official Crumball rally decal has been added to the bonnet.
(richard, gony add yer photies on)

Time is fleeting!!

mare stickers!
 Hello Crumbateers, Steve here. Here we are in the final count down! Went to the scrappy today and got a selection of coolant pipes from a J redgy 80e. These wont go wrong as spares on a vehicle as mature as ours. Also took the liberty of securing one or two other items, a brace of interior light/sunroof control units for instance. So we now have the use of the interior light again. 
There is a wee list of jobs need doing to the car, need to get the finger out! All the essential stuff is done though, I certainly hope so anyway!
Its come to our attention that amongst other things we are going to need a Jackie Stuart disguise each for one of the  rally days. So if yours is a bit tatty looking you may want to renew it. Big sideburns, flat cap sort of hat, big malky black sunglasses. Do an image search. The rally orginisers have also suggested that everybody watches  the film "GRAND PRIX" to get you into charector. 
On the charity front, the decals of our kind sponser, Redexim, have been fitted. Here they are:




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